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Newsletter April 2015
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April 2015
The Graphene Council News


Properties, Applications and Manufacturability


It starts with a material. Nowadays that’s often in the shape of a theorized material. Then there are usually some computer models that verify the theory. Finally, someone synthesizes the material that people were beginning to think only inhabited computer models.


Once these materials are synthesized, there is a long process of sorting out their properties and later how those properties might best be applied and then finally how you can manufacture devices made from these materials.


This quarter’s Graphene Council newsletter covers these three aspects in the development of a novel material: properties, applications and manufacturability. 


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Leveraging 2-D Materials for Optoelectronics


We speak to leaders from two of the key organizations leading this work—one from academia and another from business—to see what is creating this innovation ecosystem


Spain is at the center of research that is trying to revolutionize the way in which integrated circuits (ICs) operate. The dream has been to devise a new paradigm for processing that replaces electrons with photons that are capable of traveling at the speed of light.


We spoke with two leading experts in the field, one from academia and one from the commercial world, about how they are collaborating and the progress that is being made. 


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Graphene’s Amazing Properties Continue To Expand


While increasingly research is focused on manufacturing and applications of graphene, its incredible capabilities continue to grow


Graphene already boasts an impressive list of superlative attributes, but even some of its limitations are turning out to be advantages.


The ability to direct electron flow, to operate in an electronic and magnetic state, and the ability to withstand high temperatures and high humidity are just a few of the more recently explored capabilities of this amazing material. 



New 2D Materials 


The population of the flatlands continues to grow along with the properties and applications of 2-D materials


In our catalogue of two-dimensional (2-D) materials last year, we suggested that you had better be prepared for the introduction of novel 2-D materials on a regular basis.

We look at a couple of newer materials and how they are being tested and applied in the lab. 



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Manufacturing Techniques for Graphene Become More Sophisticated


Research refines the ability to produce single-crystal graphene in bulk and calls upon an old chip making technique to make it impermeable to the elements


We have dedicated a fair amount of cataloguing and chronicling to the developments in manufacturing graphene. 

The key with graphene production is finding a way to make a lot of it while maintaining its extraordinary properties. Unfortunately, for the most part, these two interests have remained mutually exclusive. Innovative manufacturing techniques are solving this persistent problem. 


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Two-Dimensional Materials Make “Valleytronics” Possible


The latest cutting-edge electronics research increasingly depends on 2-D materials



The newest buzzword in semiconductor research is “Valleytronics”. Like the term “Spintronics” before it, Valleytronics takes the behavior of electrons to make a portmanteau that plays off the word “Electronics”.


While spintronics is based on the intrinsic quantum spin of electrons, valleytronics is even a bit more obscure and requires a bit of definition. 


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Bulk Graphene Pricing Report 2015

Updated and Expanded with current price trends!

The 2015 edition is a detailed report on the current pricing of bulk graphene materials which encompass the various commercial grades of nano-to-micron scale flake graphene or “platelets” as opposed to continuous monolayer films. 

Bulk graphene materials have wide reaching applications for large-scale use as an industrial commodity. As such, understanding price drivers and gaining accurate pricing information is critical for successfully exploiting graphene as either a producer or end-user of the material.